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Ibuki vs Makoto Ibuki vs Makoto

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


It's not a life changing experience. It's just two girls fighting as they speak nonsense to each other but you sure have skills. The animation is very fluid. Must have taken a lot of work. And I like the music. Sounds very consistent with the "Street Fighter III: Third Strike" soundtrack, which I love.
I enjoyed it.

Duck Luck Episode #8 Duck Luck Episode #8

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

No substance

Nice graphics, nice animation style. These are all the nice things I can say about this cartoon.
You have all the flash skills to make good cartoons, you're just not interesting enough to be entertaining. How old are you? You sound like you're 13, maybe 14 or 15. At that age, you ought to be dedicating your time to growing up, not making cartoons. I mean, it's ok to make cartoons, if that makes you happy, but reading your comments and your reactions to bad reviews, it's obvious that you life IS flash. If you have no experience in the real world, how can you ever hope to be a good storyteller?
I think you should try stepping out of your room, making friends and just fucking LIVING. In a couple of years you may be ready to tell stories. As of now, you're a sad, lonely, obnoxious little kid with no life trying to prove himself to the world through flash. Flash skills alone don't do the trick. You need substance, and there's virtually none of it on display here.

Snubby responds:

I don't know who you think you are, but where do you get off summing up my life in the fashion you are. It is obvious that you are jealous of my skills, because you are insulting me and telling me I have no friends when you don't even know me.

How did you aquire all this valuable information about how to be a good Flash artist when you have 0 talent in the area and can't even produce something decent enough to win an award, let alone anything over 3.2. You have no place, and I mean NO place giving advice on what I should be doing with my life, because 1) You don't know me, and 2) You have no knowledge of Flash or how to get better at it. If you did, you would be better seeing as you are 18.

Get some friends, step out of my room? Live? How the fuck do you know what I do with my time. I dedicate mornings to animation, and the rest of the day I spend with mates. Challenging one about their number of friends is getting so trendy these days on the internet, and the fact of the matter is just because I am good at Flash doesn't mean I don't have a life. Fuck man, I've had girlfriends, I have friends, and I have a life. And judging how you are dripping with charisma, I'm tempted to say you have none of the above.

Why would I win awards, get my own series page, get 2000 people a day on my site, get loads of dough in ads and donations, and get plenty of fan mail if my cartoons are as bad as you say they are? Factually speaking, my cartoons are very popular, and that is why they do so well.

And don't even think that just because I took the time to respond to your review I am proving your point more, because guess what? Responding to all reviews, both good and bad, is something a lot of people do, and the reason being because it is simply fun. I enjoy telling off jealous, talentless, beatniks like yourself, and I also like thanking those who took the time to give me a decent review.

Don't PM me, I don't want to hear from you. Infact, I have you blocked as of now, so don't even bother. Think about what I'm saying to you, you don't know what you are talking about because you cannot do Flash. Seriously, how can you tell others how to improve Flash if you are a total doofis at it? You can't.

You have no respect on my end.

BlobCombat. BlobCombat.

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Linkin Park?!

Why?! This isn't non-stop action! Linkin Park gets you pumped up for an intense action sequence. This has violence, but it's not action. Use quieter music. Something atmospheric but SUBTLE. You were probably going for a story, not pointless violence, so you should also improve your writing. The animation isn't bad, but I can see you were going for something bigger than this, and failed to deliver. You're probably not very experienced so make simpler stuff for now, with no pretentions. When you develop into a better storyteller and/or animator, then you can make more ambitious attempts. For now, you've still got a lot to learn and aren't yet ready to handle complexity(even if the concept of "blobcombat" doesn't sound complex at all, it can be).

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Mums in Heaven Mums in Heaven

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I hate anime

So you know I'm a little biased. I hate this obsession NG appears to have with anime or Japan in general. If you're not japanese and you can't draw anime all that well anyway, you should try developing your own style, instead of doing what others have already done millions of times. Also, there wasn't much going on, just a lot of crying and looking generally sad. Not that it matters much. It all looks like it's centred around the music, not the storyline, and you animated the pictures that came to your mind from listening to the music. The music isn't bad at all, by the way, and your playing is ok as well.
It does look like you put a good amount of work in this(not too much but certainly more than the average portal entry) and that counts. I just find the anime style and the over the top emotions a huge turn-off.

Honry Tony Honry Tony

Rated 3 / 5 stars

A Beautiful Tale

We are introduced to ugly little Tony and his oversized gonorrhea infested genitalia in the beginning. Absolute nonsense takes place and one is left to wonder why his parents haven't taken him out of his misery yet. However, all the disgusting antics we were presented form a coherent and beautiful ending, when ugly little Tony's oversized gonorrhea infested genitalia prove to be the sollution to all the problems evident in society today. Before Tony, we were all living in our own little world despite all the people around us. Now that Tony's come along, we are all brothers. We are one with His oversized gonorrhea infested genitalia. Brought a tear to my eye.
Everybody should watch this. It teaches the world a valuable lesson.

Boy Wilson takes a walk Boy Wilson takes a walk

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Old School NG

I remember a time when most of the stuff in the NG portal was this kind of short brutal cartoon. They were all pretty pointless too. I miss those days. NG is too fancy nowadays. I enjoyed this. Nice graphics, by the way, especially for a first timer.

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TehDeuce responds:

Thanks, I'm glad this brought back some good memories for you.

Curtis and Jeffery Ep.1 Curtis and Jeffery Ep.1

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Kind of nice

It's not bad at all. I rather enjoyed Osama Bin Laden. However, you're obviously a fan of Beebo, and it feels a lot like a rip-off. Not only in the graphics but also in the writing and voice acting.

Pete-the-poe responds:

hmm.. "Rip off"... ok then. I'll make it better.

ButterField 1: Britney ButterField 1: Britney

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

I'm getting tired of this!

Before I actually review the entry, allow me to tell you a story...

A couple of years ago, I used to visit Liquid Generation all the time. Funny stuff! I'd eagerly wait for each update and I'd read the blog all the time for some good entertainment. After a while, though, it just wasn't entertaining. I was just getting tired of all the repetitive celebrity references(which, by the way, were ALWAYS the same fucking celebrities you guys happened to pick on)! I'd still visit it, though. I'd still get a couple of chuckles.

Then you left the website. You were my favourite in the LG staff. Slippy can be witty but he can be annoying and the way monkey makes fun of gay men is over the top and even more annoying.

You should have never left LG! Watching your zipperfish stuff is painful. You resort to the same type of low humor as the other guys EVEN after leaving the website. It still looks too much like LG. Of course, in my oppinion, I find LG much better than Zipperfish but that's not the point... you're talented at flash. And you look like a funny guy as well. Unfortunately, you waste it all. Leaving LG could be a good way for you to try different things. Who cares about celebrities?! But watching this sort of stuff makes me wonder why exactly you left LG.

On to a general review of your entries:

You're still making the same sort of crap! The same homophobic jokes, the unhealthy obsessions with Britney's breasts, the same childish jokes about her being a slut(true, in a way, but it's only funny once) and all other kinds of cheap shots at humor all over the place. ENOUGH, ALREADY! I can't see how people still manage to find your work to be anywhere near funny!

And the actual review?!:

A collection of Britney Spears pictures being showcased as you make horribly unfunny comments. You're merely making observations and it doesn't sound funny to me. Just annoying. It doesn't help that you made that character gay, the same way you did with 100 or so other homophobic creations of yours.

Nice try, though. Next time try putting some effort into it. Repeating the same jokes all the time is NEVER funny.

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Walk-Smash-Walk Walk-Smash-Walk

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Very, very good!

This has to be one of my favourite entries of all time. I love the music and how you animated the robots and machines. Quite stylish. Your dreams must be really weird, though! You actually dreamt of a robot smashing nails? I wish I had dreams like those. Like man running from panther while bird smashes nails with beak. Unfortunately, I end up dreaming about scary man giving me chocolate bars, which is really annoying because I hate chocolate.

I'm getting off topic, though. I just wanted to let you know how much I like this thing.

session. session.

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Very good

First of all, I hate Linkin Park but I like this song. I guess many won't like it for the fact that there's nothing actually happening but cool effects but that's what I like about this. I love that style. It reminds me of a few videos I watched in TV(I don't remember which but the closest I can remember is Royksopp's "Remind me"). You could improve a few scenes but most of the video features fluid animation and good graphics. And the exceptions are only about 3 2 second scenes so it doesn't really matter. Great job. I wouldn't be surprised if it got it's place in the frontpage.